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  1. Posting an image that is hosted on another site helps for all of few days, and after that it is useless. Should've posted at least an abbreviated version of this "how-to", since you've done it obviously, and had the instructions.
  2. There should be only two bolts holding the caliper to the steering knuckle. They are really well hidden, 17mm if memory serves me, and should not be too hard to take off. Just steer your wheels to one side all the way, or the other, and you should be able to get a breaker bar in there, so it sticks out of the wheel well. Other bolts, whatever it is you are seeing, do not hold the brake caliper in place. If you still cannot take off the caliper with those two bolts removed, you just need to jiggle it a little, the caliper is heavy, and is sitting thight in there (with brake pads possibly hugging the disc). Here I found a picture of the only two bolts that need to be removed: Just look at the third image after the black SC400 on the top of the page. First its the black SC, than its engine, than something else than the picture of the same caliper you are working on with those two 17mm bolts that need to be removed indicated. It is fairly simple, they are just hard to see as they are on the back and well hidden, kinda deep inside, you have to stick your head inside the wheel well to be able to see them - I mostly worked by touch only as it was hard to see them, but they are there. BTW, the screw that you are trying to take off, is a "torx" type of screw, and does not need to be taken off. Usually when you see torx, it means - "We don't want you to touch this!" :)
  3. Last time that happened to me (all cluster warning lights ON: coolant, oil, engine, etc), on my 1990 ls400, within a couple of weeks I learned what it meant, after I was left stranded in a middle of nowhere: the alternator was failing. If only I had read the user manual, I would have known that... I hope you got yours fixed already.
  4. I got great prices on Carson Toyota website (they sell Lexus parts too) for OEM. For aftermarket, its Rockauto, e-bay (Check the feedback first!) or sometimes even
  5. probably about 5 hrs, if everything goes well. However, if the harmonic balancer bolt is giving them troubles, or if some bolt somewhere got (or was) stripped it could be longer. in your case maybe they don't have all parts so they are waiting? Did you ask them why it is taking so long?
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums johnny123 :)