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  1. Karen, Please let me know what they do and a contact person with telephone number if they get the problem taken care of , I will be taking my car in the next month or so also for its 10k checkup and we are still having the transmission problems. Hope someone can figure it out.
  2. Karen, Please let me know what they find or what they tell you, also the name of a contact person that you will work your problem with, will be helpful , if they get it fixed, I am taking ours back for the 10k service bit it will be November timeframe before it hits the 10k miles. Thanks john fuller
  3. I am the same here I cannot tell the difference between the modes, I am lost at what to do, I am going to keep complaining when I take the car in for the 10,000 mile check. If you get any answers from your dealership please let me know.
  4. Dan, I took my car to the dealership a couple of weeks ago for its 5000 miles service and complained about the shifting problem between 20 to 40 mph and the hold back problem when letting off the gas. They put the car on the computer and told me they could find nothing wrong their suggestion was to drive it in different settings the wife has been driving it in the Eco mode most of the time and they suggested to drive it in the normal mode or sport mode and change it up from time to time. I do not think they know what the problem is and granted it is not a horrible problem but I am concerne
  5. Just purchased 2013 ES 350 a couple of months ago, my wife is complaining that between 20 to 40 MPH it seems to search for the correct gear depending on the type of terrain and if you are coasting or giving it gas but back and forth looking for what it thinks is the correct gear, and sometimes seems to shift hard she says, also I have noticed a slight whining noise that sounds like the transmission, almost like the noise you hear from a hydrostatic mower or tractor. It is a very slight noise and you have to roll the window down and turn off the radio to hear the noise.The car has approx. 3
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums mutt151 :)

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