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  1. Odd front end noises when driving often lead to the need to replace wheel bearings. This can be a humming noise at speed, and more often upon turning the steering wheel a bit; the usual road noise changes. Hopefully it hasn't gone on long enough to have a grinding effect. I noticed a humming noise in my car at 98k miles. This seemed a little early - my Toyota pickup has never had any attention to its bearings at 285K and still rolls neatly down the road. I actually had an experienced Lexus repair evaluate it, too, and they agreed in fact that both sides were worn. Lexus here wanted $850 t
  2. Several posts on this forum have lamented the dearth of instructions for SC430 starter fixing, and Wadenelson's notes plus photos are useful. In particular, his showing the Harbor Freight tool required for just that last actual starter bolt is spot on. But the whole job invites a better outlining, since the factory manuals need elaboration. This is a major undertaking, but can be done by the medium experienced. Much shop time cost can be saved! Removal of the main cover and various hoses plus one electrical connector to the throttle body is normal. One of those hoses is on the under
  3. Bruce- I can't think of any reason for a repairer to access the hood latch system in this case. For a fix, I suggest first getting your head under the dash and inspecting the release handle. Then seeing if there's any way to remove the grill from the front [this will allow manual latch release]. As a next resort, crawl under the front of the car, remove the bottom engine cover [~15 screws] and look at the cable, but it's unlikely anything would be apparent. Last resort is the dealer, but note that they may have a quick fix!
  4. Doing the timing belt on my SC430 [2003] took much longer than with lesser cars, but was worth the savings. I'm not going to address IF you should do it, just my experience with one. I have worked on cars for many years. NOTE that a number of things did not conform to the Lexus manual. PLUS I made a tool to remove the crank bolt easily, for $15. More in a bit. First: It is not necessary to remove these items that the book thinks you have to: vane pump which is horrible to get off, so don't. [but do take off the pulley] -- The AC compressor - just remove the lower bolt and loo
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums Oregon John :)

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