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  1. You would think there has to be a way to "flush" the system in some way but they are telling me there isn't. I still find that hard to believe. Wife is ready for a newer vehicle and we've been thinking of trading it in. I really hate to sink that kind of cash into a 2007 GX with 156,000 miles on it that I'm looking to part with soon. Hoping someone with some more expertise could offer a solution or insight ...
  2. Hey Guys, After turning on the a/c you can feel the engine idle down (a/c clutch engaging) and after a few seconds the "Check air conditioning" message starts to flash on the Nav screen. I checked all fuses and even replaced the a/c clutch relay with no luck. I also ran the a/c diagnostics on the Nav screen and got no error codes. So I decided to take it to the shop this morning. 10 minutes after I dropped the car off the mechanic called and said I need to come back as they already found that the compressor was seized up. I was hoping that wouldn't be the problem but I kind of figured it was after what I was seeing during my troubleshooting. Now I am being told that since the compressor has failed that I will probably have to replace the entire system... a/c compressor, all lines, evaporator, condenser, valves... everything! The master mechanic said that because the compressor failed it has probably introduced metal particles into the system. He said there is no filter or anything to catch these particles in this 2007 GX470 a/c system and it can't be flushed. Replacement is the only option. They said it will be a major job requiring the removal of the dashboard and will more than likely cost between $4500 all the way up to $7000. Needless to say, I was floored! Does this sound legit? Is there a way to flush the system and just replace the compressor itself? Please help and give any advice you may have... thanks in advance!
  3. Welcome to the Lexus forums airdog99 :)