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  1. Lexus found the dash console was faulty and changed it under warranty. Hope you find a cure without having to pay for new console cos it sure won't be inexpensive. Good luck.
  2. Hi there did you solve the problem with your stereo because the exact same thing is happening to mine.

  3. The Mark Levinson Stereo in my RX450H is erratically switching on and off by itself. I will turn it on and it will switch off and then switch back on a few minutes later and carry on like that - on and off. Even when it is OFF, it will switch itself ON and then off and carry on. Sometimes it settles down and stops doing it for a few days. Independent of FM or AM or DAB and nothing to do with TA. Has anybody had this issue and do you know the cause and the remedy ?
  4. Eventually selected Yokohama - new SUV Geolander model. Works very well. Ride comfort much improved compared to the Bridgestone and just as good if not better for road handling and steering. Very slightly more road noise but insignificant.
  5. My RX450H SE-L 2010 came with Bridgestone 235/55/19 101 V - as OEM in the UK. They are recommended by Lexus UK for all the RX450s. Experience is quite good but unhappy with inability to "soak-up" small pot holes / bumps. Does anybody have experience with Continentals or other brands that might be better ? Not Dunlop or Goodyear, thanks. Conti Cross Contact UHP looks to have superior tread pattern and technology but is W rating which probably makes then harder, instead of V. Has anybody changed from 19 inch to 18 inch wheels and did ride comfort then improve a lot ?
  6. Steve

    Welcome to the Lexus forums dgw :)

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