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  1. which side does no. 2 refer too? just wondering, finally got mine to throw codes, and just wanna probe around a bit more, i also got a 13.....
  2. im also getting 24 31 and 71. run down:
  3. bought a replacement, newer lcd cluster, put it in, lcd worked great!! a week later the a/c temp side light has started to flicker and go out, wtf?
  4. if it was a coil it wouldnt be a lean mix......less fire means more un burned fuel. check all the hose connections going to the afm. could be cracked or have a slight vacuum leak.
  5. Hi everyone. my name is Shubert, stumbled across your forum while hunting info on my new purchase. actually traded my 1985 supercharged swapped drift bucket for my 94 LS400. with the LS400 came all parts that need basic replacing, lcd air control display, center console cover, and various other things that needed to be touched up, thanks to the previos owner, whome didnt have time to devote to the car. i am in search for a new gauge cluster as some of the lighting has died out, the fuel needle indicator as well as the outside temp disply and odometer are no more readable. other than that, i love the car, first "luxury" car ive owned being almost 30 years old. car came with 2 sets of wheels, and already has JIC magic coilovers. my guess is that the OEM air shocks went bad, considering the OEM air pump is still under the hood, and still functional. also had this wierd garden edging zip tied to the front of it, resembles a chin spoiler, but doesnt quite fit the bill. pictured here with JIC magic j-force 05's 18x9.5" +20 pictured here with MB battles 18x9.5" +15
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums shoob :)