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  1. Thanks lexis lexus for the reply. The oil is actually migrating to the bottom bolts of the exhaust manifold and very slowly dripping down onto the exhaust pipe as it bends under the engine. I can see the edges of the head gasket and they are very wet with oil. I will try to get a picture of it today. I already replaced the timing belt, pulleys, cam seals and water pump about 20k miles ago. Considering myself a part time mechanic (having a repair facility in the family but not in the same state I live)I felt very comfortable with the timing belt stuff but the cams and all the gears and alignmen
  2. Hello All, I have a 1999 ES300 with approx 140k. The car is immaculate inside and out and I have babied the engine since I bought it with 99K on it. Have always run Mobil 1 and Bosch filters. It is my wife's daily driver but she only puts about 3k miles a year on it. During a routine oil change I noticed the front (I believe the RH) exhaust manifold wet with oil. At first I thought it was the valve cover gasket but after washing the engine down and taking her for a test ride it appears the oil is coming out of the head gasket right in the middle of the head. There has been no coolant lo
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