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  1. @AirChina @AirChinaUSA @AirChinaNA Terrible customer service. Just got hung up on. 12hr stop over due to sched change!!! WoW!!!

  2. Flex TT WHAT? Flex TT5!!! Woot! Great day at the post office!!!

  3. My old 430EXII's hanging with their new friend Mr 580EXII!!!

  4. Starting to get sick of the TB...disgusting junkies that smell like *BLEEP* ruin the idea of public transport for me...

  5. UFC time !Removed!!!!

  6. Pocketwizards are IN!!! Woot!

  7. Now ur just somebody that I used to know!

  8. Wow, making a podcast is a bit more complicated than I thought.

  9. Sold over 20k on ebay.... #ebayguru