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  1. Just sharing recent experience. Apparently related to a Lexus Service Bulletin. Problem: Key FOB, trunk button will not open trunk and you have to manually use the key. (This is not due to override in glove box.) Took car to Lexus: They unplugged the wiring harness from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit? I guess). Once the harness was plugged back in the ECU reset and trunk works fine now. However they tell me it could happen again. Cost = $117.00 to reset. Fix- There is a fix for this as it may happen again. I'm betting the odds and hoping it won't happen again because the fix is $1850.00 for some sort of ECU or harness upgrade that solves the trunk from not working all of the sudden. Fingers crossed.
  2. I have a 2007 GS 350. The dashboard squeeks/rattles. I have seen on various searches that this is a known issue. Has anyone had this repaired by Lexus at no cost because it is a known issue or do you have to pay for the repair kit yourself?