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  1. I'm in the market for an RX330, and I just can across one being sold by a private party -- 35K miles, with nav and DVD, asking 24K. I checked values, and there's a HUGE discrepancy between KBB and Edmunds. KBB private party value is just over 24K (right on target, probably what seller based the asking price on). But Edmunds TMV is only a little over 17K! I've gone over it several times, didn't enter anything wrong. NADA has clean dealer retail at around 24K, doesn't give a price for private party. So why the huge difference? And, more importantly, does anybody have any insight into what
  2. Thank you all so much. Confirming what I suspected. He's a good mechanic -- I've known his family since I was a kid, and I trust him to be honest. But he's got blinders where the Lexus is concerned, for some reason. Not gonna stop me from getting the car I want! And my sister's got a Toyota mechanic she loves . . . so, there ya go! I'll be back after I buy!
  3. I've been a Lexus fan for years. My sister and brother both drive '01 LX 470s that they love, and my mom was heartbroken last month when she totaled her '96 ES300. I'm ready to buy, and in the market for a used, low mileage '07-'09 RX350. My mechanic is urging me not to do it, saying that the technology is too advanced and it's driving repair costs through the roof. I'm having a hard time believing that the technology is that much more advanced than a new Acura or Honda (which I also love, but not as much as the RX). And I've seen the reliability of my family's Lexuses, which is certainly
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