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  1. What I did was take the shank off a small drill bit to use as a hinge pin. I bonded it to the black plastic housing that contains the actual switches. with acrylic that is a power liquid mix. I painted the housing first , laid the pin in place and covered with more acrylic. I also used 1/4 inch lengths from a nylon paintbrush to replace the degraded push button extensions. The up/down rocker temp control cover snapped on nicely to the nav bezel Hope my solution helos others with such an annoying failure
  2. I had given my daughter my rx330 2004. The temp control up and down button has come loose on one side. The plastic tab on the left side has broken off the black plastic rectangular housing . Thus only allowing the up/down rocker cover to only attach on one side. Any ideas? I would hate to have to find a complete nav system in order for this rocker switch to work Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  3. My 2004 rx330 may have an issue with the blower motor. I dont feel it blows as strong as it once was. I examined the motor and it is not worn. The cabin air filter is clean with no debris in the ducts. each speed works from the climate screen. Could the blower motor control resistor be failing? any advice would be appreciated. Thanks