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  1. Squirted oil into #2 cylinder, no change in compression. Cylinder #4 and 6 and #1 are all at about 140. Talked to 2 mechanics and both said at 160k probably not worth it. One mechanic thought even if the heads were done I might have an underlying ring problem due to the amount of oil it was using on a trip to Florida and back. I had to put about 1 to 2 quarts in at every fill up. He is very familiar with RX as he has a number of customers with the same model over 210k miles. If either mechanic were to do the work, reworking or replacing both heads would be $2k plus. I found a reman head at RockAuto or Advance for about $480. Just not sure which part number is which as they are referred to as Left or Right. I am figuring the Right one would be the front one in my car. Anyone know for sure and what part number would be? Since it is the front I am considering doing it myself. Maybe tackle the rear one at a later date.
  2. Got them thank you so much They started working right after I sent the reply so it might have been a connection issue
  3. Can you please reactivate the link for the service and repair manual for the RX300? I am looking at a possible valve and head job. thanks!
  4. Finally was able to do a compression test. #2 cylinder very low compression, 30 to 40 if that. #4 and #6 about 110. Next step is to determine if it valves or rings. Guess next is a leak down test. 😞
  5. yes I did replace the coil. Pulled the plug again and it looks to be firing also. When it first started I got P0300, P0302 codes. Also noticed where the muffler connects to the exhaust pipe from the catalytic converter has a hole in it. This apparently happened when I got the first codes. When I got the codes I was on a highway running at 70mph. I pulled off the highway to go to a restaurant and as we pulled into the parking lot I noticed rough idle. The check engine and VSC light both flashed then stayed on
  6. ok installed a new injector in #2 cylinder. Still getting misfire in #2. Any other suggestions? I am going to check compression. What should compression be?
  7. I managed to replace all the spark plugs. Still got a misfire on #2 cylinder but definitely running better. Bought a new coil pack and replaced it. Still getting #2 misfire. What next? I have read where the next step is a new injector or a new A/F sensor.
  8. I have a 2001 RX300. 160k miles on it. Runs great except using some oil. About every 4 tankfuls I need to add about 1 to 2 quarts. Took it on a trip from PA to Florida and back. Every fill up had to add 2 quarts of oil. On the way back the check engine and VSC light came on. When I got back home I check the OBDs and have P0300, P0302, P0304, P0306. Is the VSC connected to these codes also? If not how can I check to see what the VSC codes are? Spark plugs and coils packs have never been changed in the 7 years I have owned it. I do not think they were changed by previous owner either, so I am thinking that is the first step. new spark plugs and coils paks. Anything else I should be looking at?
  9. Well display not working again so I am thinking it is something in the display itself. What is the difference in the display with or without Navigation? I do not have Navigation so can I put a display in from a Navigation car and will it work? What would not work, other than any of the Navigation items? I have seen some used ones for sale and waiting to find out if they are navigation or not? What is the part number for the Non Navigation display?
  10. Thanks for the feedback Strangle the display started working again this evening. Just got in and started the car. I haven't checked to see if the clock is keeping time. I was too happy the display worked
  11. My 01 RX300 center display went blank. I have checked the fuses and they look good. I did not have a tester to confirm but will do that this evening. Anything I should be looking for? Changed the battery a few months ago and at that time the clock would not keep time. Now the entire display is blank. Everything else works, A/C, etc. I can change CDs but do not seem to be able to change radio stations. I do not have navigation in it. Does it make a difference if I install at screen from a car that had navigation? How hard is ti to change out the screens? I have seen some units for sale with the entire radio, etc. which may be a good route to go.
  12. I did another reinitialization and I beleive it worked. Haven't had any problems with it since. This was the 3rd time for the reinitialization so I guess 3rd time is the charm!
  13. GDixon. Thanks for the repsonse. I was thinking maybe trying the reinitialization again, perhpas didnot leave the battery disconnected long enough. The problem was there prior to the battery replacement but very infrequent. After the battery replace it is constant.
  14. My Passenger Power window is actiing up. Never really noticed until a few weeks ago it started. When I go to lower from the driver door sometime it will not go down. It will eventually go down. Strange thing is when I go to put it up, again using the driver door switches, it will go down. Sometimes does it the opposite. When I press the button to lower it, the window will go up. I noticed it also does this from the passenger door. i had a new battery installed a few months ago. Sometimes the passenger window would hesitate prior to replacing the battery but nothing like this. I have read about reinitializing the relays or solenoids, which I disconnected the battery and reconnected and went through the process that was posted here. Passenger window did not move up or down. After much playing with the switches it finally closed. I am thinking it might be the motor since both the driver door switch and the passenger switch do the same thing. Any thoughts? Could the switches still need to be initialized? Thanks!