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  1. I forgot to mention the pressures, sorry. I checked before and after. Before I did any work, the pressure was 40 at cold start and idles down to 15psi. After the cleaning of pan, pick-up , and adding new oil, I got 70 at cold start, idled down to 45 after 5 mins. I checked it several times and made videos. ???
  2. I just replaced the sending unit on my 2003 RX300 with 185k miles on it, dropped the pan and cleaned it and the pick-up tube extensively. Then I put 5 fresh quarts in it and expected the light to remain off...NOT!!! I took it for a spin of about 2 miles and the light remains on on flat surfaces and it goes away on braking and curves?? What else can I do short of replacing the pump?? 15249 COURTHOUSE HWY SMITHFIELD, VA
  3. Well, I replaced old sending unit with a new one, took pressure readings before and after I dropped the pan and cleaned the pick-up, and took videos of both readings. Before it was 40 at cold start and dwindled to 15psi after 5 min. After cleaning pan and pick-up, and adding 5 quarts of 20/50, the pressure readings were 70 cold start dwindling down to 45 after 5 mins. So I took it for a spin last night and oil light still comes on. I give up. Maybe its the pump or maybe I just need to scrap the whole car??😭
  4. new units are only 12 to 25$. I may just replace and be done with it after the test.
  5. I will. I havent yet. I was trying to match threads with my test kit. I definitely dont want to cross thread the block
  6. not yet, but if pressure is the issue and not the sending unit, then I will drop the pan or pull a cover next. I found a 13/16 deep socket 6 point that I think will work on the sending unit. A short 22mm wont do it I found.
  7. just the oil light coming on irratically, inconsistently. Car was taken off road 2 years ago when light first came on. Now trying to get it ready to go back on road. First of many issues on this 185000 mile car. Full of clean oil. Wanted to run test before I drop the pan. Pretty sure pickup may be clogged due to my brother owning it for 15 years and not maintaining it. Not for sure of course. I just finished removing Serpentine and wire from sending unit. Have to find a 22mm to pull it. Does serpentine have to go back on before I crank it back up? Im pretty sure the answer is yes?
  8. Can anyone please tell me the easiest way to remove the oil pressure sending unit wire and unit from the block of my 2003 RX300???? I didnt want to have to remove the serpentine belt but its looking like I may have to??? And if i do remove the belt, do I have to reinstall to do a pressure check??? Thanks
  9. Thanks alot for all of the input. My noises dissipated this weekend. I will wait for their return before I begin glove box removal in search of the servo's. The recording of the farting sounds are faint compared to what we hear inside of our RX300. They were loud and sometimes lasted a full 10 seconds. They were also MIA this weekend. Thanks again.
  10. Before I start ripping apart the dashboard, I'd like to get some feedback for these noise issues in my 145k mile 2003 RX300. They appear to be originating (i think) from within the dashboard. The first, which has been going on for over a year is an intermittent clicking noise that can be heard regardless of whether the engine is running or not. It doesn't last long after the engine is off, but can still be heard for a few minutes. The second noise which began on 6/8/11, is a farting sound, also intermittent, but sometimes lasts for 10 seconds at a time. It stops completely when the engine i
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