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  1. I need help in a big way. I've had my 2008 GS460 to five separate places now, including dealership, and nobody can give me a clear cut answer to the problem. I'm at my wit's end! Winter hit hard last month and the Lexus was stored in the garage because it performs horribly in the snow. So after about 14 or so days of sitting, couldn't get the car started...dead. Nothing. Had to use the key to open the doors. Had my mechanic jump it and everything was fine, we thought. Car was dead the next morning. Guy checked the battery and it was fine. No drains other than normal were present at the time, no open door, no glove box open all night, nothing like that. Mechanic who isn't the "shade tree" type could not figure out what was draining the battery to the point that the car is absolutely dead on arrival. Had it towed to Lexus dealer. They put it through their diagnostics and could not find the problem either. They finally said that their best guess is that I need a brand new computer from the starter ignition point of contact. Since there is no communication from the push button to the rest of the system, that computer must be at fault. ????? Does that make any sense? The part is frick'in $1500 alone!! I push the button on the car...nothing. We have to jumpbox the car just to get the steering wheel turned to load it on the rollback tow truck! The dealer can't even guarantee that this is the problem, but they are "80% sure" that's it. Had it towed to another guy...couldn't come up with an answer on why the car cannot start, cannot hold a charge, nada, nothing. Before that, there were two others who looked at the car and threw their collective hands up in the air with zero answers. I cannot be the first to have this happened so I'm turning to the forum. I need big time, March Madness type help on this one. Before I sink a king's ransom into a "maybe", I want to know what's going on here. Any help would be a sign from God at this point...