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  1. Help,help guys. I have a 93 LS400 w 292K on it. It runs excellent for a couple of hundred miles and then all of a sudden it starts to jerking as if somoene is turning the switch on and off very quickly.The jerking is very harsh,and you have very little power.When you attempt to pull off from a stop it appears that your transmission is slipping.If you shift to low range you get more torque but as speed increases and you switch back to drive youre very sluggish again. Ive also heard whats sounds like its backfiring in the intake occasionally.If you allow it to cool off or park it overnight the next morning youre up and running as if nothing occured.Already have done full tune up(incl coils),fuel filter and strainer.It is running and smelling very rich,and only DTC is 71(EGR).Replace it but didnt clear issue.Mileage is good until the "limp mode" occurs and then it takes 1/4 tank to get back home while only several miles away.Any help is greatly appreciated