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  1. Hi, I recently inherited my father's 1994 LS400, which he loved and babied. His mechanic loved it, it never made any noises or rattles, and was generally an awesome car. He bought a new car and gave it to me, and after a few weeks I noticed a new clicking sound coming from the driver's side dash. It sounds like it's coming from directly above the speedometer gauge, and sounds like it's the plastic flexing. It seems to happen almost randomly - it's not notable when you go over bumps, but you hear it more when you're going up or down hills. It's been driving me absolutely crazy and I'm not sure what to do about it. It might be worth noting that this car had always been parked inside a garage, and is just now being parked outside for the first time. Also, after a big snow a few weeks back I noticed a large amount of condensation on the inside of the windshield - it was pretty major, and major drops had formed. Not sure if these are related, but I figured I might as well mention them. I'd appreciate any advice that might help me keep my sanity. Thanks!