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  1. Anyone have problems with power seat "freezing?" I have a 1995 GS 300 and the driver's seat stopped moving forward and backward. Still moves up and down. If anyone else has experienced this did you repair yourself or take to dealership?
  2. Can't speak for everyone, but I have the same model with 198,000 miles and it runs like new. Of course, it's been well maintained with oil changed every 3.000 miles. The price seems right but I'd be concerned about putting in a new tranny (unless your a tech and can do it yourself).
  3. Having trouble with GS 300 in Houston and would like second opinion from a non-dealer in the Houston area. Suggestions, anyone?
  4. Any ideas on this flashing OD light? My '94 went in for a new battery and came out with the same problem.
  5. My 1995 GS 300 that has 198,000 miles (well maintained miles) recently received a new battery and immediately following the installation (literally about two blocks away from the dealership) the Overdrve "Off" indiator started flashing. Knowing that disconnecting the battery can cause this the car was returned to the dealership and was told it wasn't the battery. However, they did offer to spend three hours of diagonstic service at a cost of $400+ dollars to determine the cause. My question/s, has anyone experienced this flashing light and is there another place in the Houston area that comes recommended? I am the original buyer/owner and the car has always been maintained at a dealership but that $400+ seems a little excessive. Thanks to all.
  6. In need of advice from Lexus lovers. I find myself having to choose between a 1995 GS 300 with 189,000 miles or a 1995 LS 400 with 129,000 miles. Both have been well maintained since purchase with regular schedule maintance visits. The only major problems encountered with the GS include replacement of the distributor O ring, power steering pump and rack assembly, sensors, water pump, damper sub assembly and the rear main seal. I assume these can all be expected as normal wear while enroute to high mileage. On the other hand, the LS has had no major repairs. As the LS gains mileage can I expect to replace virturally the same items. or do they have a more reliable history? I rarely see GS's of this model on the roadways and so wonder if they are considered somewhat collectable? Any suggestions from folks who know these cars best? As you can see, I am literally riddled with indecision. Thank you.
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