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  1. Thanks for the reply. I do have park assist and find it quite helpful in many traditional situations. My need is more for manuvering around in tight areas. We have a very tight driveway and when my kids are home too many cars for the room we have. The gridline feature that I had on the QX56 worked great.
  2. I agree completetly. I have seen aftermarket systems that work from an iPhone, and assumed that is what I would be getting. Living in Minnesota, I do not want to walk out to the car in order to warm up the car - that defeats the whole purpose of the remote start. Key fob remote start = gig disappointment!!
  3. Have my new GX460 for a short while. For the most part I am pleased, but one of my largest frustrations is lack of any reference markers when the vehicle in is in reverse. My 2006 QX56 had reference lines that showed the track of the SUV. The BMWs and others even have tracking lines that adjust based on the current steering position. I get a clear picture with the camera, but without reference marks it is hard to backup with confidence. Our house has a tight turnaround area, so this is a real need of mine. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!!