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  1. Thanks very much grn. :) I think I will do this my own way. :)
  2. Hi Guys Where can I get side marker (they are in bumper on left and right side) to my SC400. I want to buy in white color (clear). J can't find it on ebay, the have only orange. I am interesting only shops on line, whith wordwide shipment. Thanks guys Janasek
  3. Nice to meet you semilin. :)
  4. Hi !Removed! I 'm a new owner of the best car from Lexus, model SC 400. I enjoy to find you, becouse in Poland (where I came's from) I cant't find lots of information of topic Lexus especially to my SC 400. Now a fiev word of me: I came from Poland from Poznań. It' s a city which lives 700 tousend peoples. A am a owner ma lexus from october 2010 and it is my first Lexus. The car Was sold in State Colorado Near Denver in may 1997 and take Lexus aut of the USA to Belgium. This car has a one owner in Belgiem 13 years, and was sold aut abroad to Poland in october 2010. I bought my Lexus from guy wich ateend in selling used cars from abroad. for now this is it. I wish You can help me with this car becaus in Poland we dont have a lat of peoples who are interesting in Lexus. Best regardes janasek I am sorry for my language - isn't very well.
  5. Hello I 'm looking for the same, but I have a 12/CD charger. Anyone have smothing that? I have SC 400 from 1996 year.