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  1. Fyi, posted over in another topic info which may be helpful here for nav screen replacement.
  2. I found a replacement TFT screen on eBay $350: from seller: house_car_technology shipped from Taiwan and received in two days. They had listings for multiple models, pay attention to your year as well as your model. The install wasn't as bad as it could have been or dreamed it could have been, but if you don't want to fool around with cables, plugs, copper static fittings and circuit boards, have someone else do your install. In the end it wasn't really much harder than replacement of a graphic board in your computer. Check YouTube for a video that gets you most of the way for dashboard/radio removal. After the video is done you are still left with removal of the the navigation housing which is held in by two bolts and then by the clips and you can pry it out once you remove those bolts. We found a 10mm socket was the right size for the bolts, if you have a magnetic head even better as easy to drop a bolt down inside and hard to reach. We stuffed a towel in behind gear shift to try and catch the bolts in case we lost one. Once you get the navigation head out of the dash take your time we too it to the kitchen island with good light, we took out like 16 (estimate) screws to pull the unit apart enough to get the old TFT and the bezel out and the new TFT seated and connect its three connections to the circuit board (one plug and two copper friction fit). Note on the copper cables, the big one make sure you slide it in straight and even, look at the old one you took out there is a different color stripe on the connection tab like a guideline and when you insert the new tab and it is pushed all the way in that stripe should not be visible. Note on the small copper cable connection, it goes into the small plug on the circuit board and there is a little slider on this plug, pull the slider out and insert your new copper wire in the slot and then move the slider back and it locks the copper cable in place, slight tug and you will see that it doesn't pull out. Then we just reversed steps carefully to get all the screws back in place in the navigation head of the unit. From here we went back to the car and reconnected the navigation plugs (5 of them), we were able to turn on the car and see a miracle that the screen lit up! Some parts didn't work, like temp but once we got the rest of the dash installed all was working just fine! So nice to have heat/ac control back along with bluetooth and navigation. Wish I had taken pictures of the actual TFT replacement for others who follow me.
  3. So I have the RX400h which I love and did a very stupid thing the other day... you know those suction cup phone holders well the only place it would stick is on the Nav screen. Suffice to say that my screen now has a scattered section which will not allow me to change climate (fan speed/vent locations) let alone bluetooth and navigation. I need to find a replacement screen, but so far Google searches do not surface a brand or part number for the Nav/Climate screen unit and winter is a coming. Any suggestions are helpful. I fund simular on eBay, but see prices approaching $2k and they are not even a match. I've read the threads on after market for Nav, but since so much of my climate is tied to this unit don't see how I can do without it.