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  1. Thanx for the help. I purchased a screen protector - it looks much better and (hopefully) will prevent me from creating further problems. I do use many different types of touchscreens at my business and never had encountered this problem previously. I would urge the manufacturer to consider making their product more resistant to wear/tear, especially one which will be literally exposed to the outside world...
  2. I am 3 months into my lease on 2010 IS 250C. I wiped my nav monitor screen (used non-chemical LCD wipe) but must have had dirt on screen/cloth as nav screen scratched - thought was smudge but realize anti-glare coating is scratched off. Small fingerprint size blemish but with top down spot is horribly noticeable. Did not realize screen had such fragile anti-glare coating (and why is it in a convertible??). Dealer said my problem - bumped it up to Lexus corporate and so far they are only willing to throw in token $$ assistance to replacing entire (costly) nav unit. I can't believe screen can't
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