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  1. Current mechanic took pictures and wrote a statement as to what happened and caused the engine to fail. He is willing to tesify in court so I am going to send a demand letter to prvious mechanic for damages. I will give him two weeks to respond if not I will take it to court wish me luck. This has been a 2 month process getting this fixed along with a 6,500 repair bill. Not cheap!!
  2. I recently had the timing belt waterpump and spark plugs replaced in my Lexus RX 300 about 2 months 15,000 miles later the car dies and the verdict is top end engine damage the car needs a new motor. The original mechanic who did the timing belt repairs said better off just to scrap the car and installing a new engine was a bigger job than he could handle. So I did my research found an remanufactured engine and a mechanic that specialized in Foreign autos to install. When he was pulling the engine down he noticed that the timing was off he took pictures and wrote up a report and stated that the timing belt was not installed to manufactures specifications and this is what caused the engine failure. This has been a very costly repair over $5,000. When I went back to the original mechanic he said that was impossible that the car would not have run if the timimg belt was off. Current mechanic is saying the electoncis will compensate for the timing being off but eventually will go which is what has happened. Not quite sure who to belive do not what to go after someone if the did not do any thing wrong. Can someone out there please shed some light on this.