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  1. I have the same 2004 LS 430. Just had to replace rear trunk struts and now will need to replace steering column tilt motor. Check the operation of the steering wheel telescopic and tilt functions. They are an expensive dealer fix if they go out. I have an issue with the tilt and as soon as it is resolved, I will have the dealer deactivate the auto function of this. The two motors in the steering column have a finite lifespan. If you search the archive hear you will start to see what a common wear item this is. I will still be happy with setting the steering column with the manual toggle if necessary.
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for your response and the likelihood is that the motor is showing signs its six plus years of use. Just wanted to see if any others have had experiences aside from this ie binding clips or otherwise before I open it up. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I have a 2004 LS 430 with a tilt steering wheel feature that has operational issues. The telescopic function works fine. The tilt toogle on left side of the column will allow it to go down sometimes after it goes through a driver position selection from the door panel. However, when when the toggle button for tilt upward is employed there is a faint noise and nothing happens. I have read through many threads regarding this and this one is the closest to explaining this tilt malfunction: scroll down to #11 in the thread http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52146 this guy even took the time to include a few pictures! After investigating this without opening up the steering column, I have concluded that the motor is still good. I think it could be a "e" clip that is tight or lubrication issue. Bear in mind this is a 2004 LS 430 and it is a different system with a threaded rod system accessable underneath rather than the on the side of the column. Many helpful LOC responders may be familiar with the plastic gear which can be shimmed which is only a useful fix to prior Lexus model owners. Can anyone let me know any first hand experience with the fix I am describing and useful things to know? Thanks in advance.