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  1. Finally removed the door panel, thanks again for the help. Here are the updated instruction for the 2005 es330: First remove the door latch bezel. This is the plastic cup behind the door latch. Pry out this piece, pushing it rearward and lifting the tongue/latch after it's loose to pull the bezel forward and off. Remove the screw once you get the bezel out. Next, using a screwdriver....carefully pop the electric door lock/window control center out (the whole black piece that has the electric buttons for the windows and door locks). Remove the screw behind the controls. Next, start pulling out on the bottom of the door panel...pull pretty hard it will pull away from the door. Once it is pulled away from the door, lift up and it should come right off. (you will have several places to disconnect if you need the door panel completely removed (electric control center, cables for the locks and door handles, etc...).
  2. Thanks so much for the reply. Unfortunately, I only figured out the first piece (the one behind the handle). I got it off and removed the screw behind it. "Next remove the piece of gray fabric deep in the armrest hand grab, remove screw"---Not sure what gray fabric piece you are referring to? I don't have any fabric except on the bottom front, everything else is leather. "Pry off a plastic cap in the concave area of the the front of the door panel and remove the screw under it"----Not sure what plastic cap in the concave area you are referring to here either??? I don't see anything that looks like a cap. How big of a cap are you talking about? I think I can figure the rest out if you can point me in the right direction for the 2 steps above! thanks again!
  3. This morning I get to work and my drivers side door won't open from the inside. I rolled down the window and could open it from the outside door handle. I'm guessing either something broke or came unattached to the inside door handle....it doesn't click or anything. So, I'm trying to figure out how to get the door panel off to look inside. Anyone help? thanks!