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  1. did you ever get your overheating problem solved?

    i have the same problem

  2. hello evreyone just want to see if anyone can help me with this. i just bought a 92 es300 from a family freind. the car was sitting for over a year because the head gaskets were blown. but has full power and drives fine. at first i could drive the car anywhere at cruzing speeds and it wouldnt overheat unless i drove it hard. after the head gaskets where replaced it would over heat after driving a short time. has the knock sensor 55 code(no check engine light on) now it only overheats while driving i can leave it idling for a long time and it wont overheat but 5 min of driving will put it in the red boiling over. i started by doing a full tune-up on my car(spark plugs,plug wires,oil change,air filter) changed all vacumme hoses one at a time. did a few coolant flushes changed out all the fluids in the car except the power steering fluid. new timing belt and waterpump added when head gasket was replaced. new low temp thermostat(not currently installed running with no thermostat). i checked the diag port and connected e1 to op1 to check the fan speed and the fan speed is fine. power steering pump sensor is connected. replaced coolant temp sensor and the sensor next to it which is the injection time switch. there are no leaks anywhere and i have bled the coolant system of air pockets. please help me with this. if you need more info ill post it. please post and contact me at mperez925@yahoo.com i have done plenty of coolant bleeds and it doesnt solve the problem. remember it only heats up while driving not at idle or at a stop