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  1. have one of those few hs's with a key card in additon to the standard keyless keys.. the card has just had second pair of new batteries installed and is still not always recognzied at trunk and even less frequently not recognzied at the ignition. command says touch ignition with the key card for activation... any have any suggestions as to what the problem could be? dealer is stumped as it is too intermittent to be diagnosed...
  2. on bill of sale it states i have a pre collision system which senses if i am not looking forward or if my eyes close while driving.. there is a small monitor above the streering wheel and in manuals it shows little red dots are on. mine is not illuminated and no one can tell me how to test this system or verify it is working. dealer says it is automatic and customer service says they dont know so if anyone has an idea please do let me know.. it is supposedly part of my tech package, but any questions i ask are answered in reference to the lane assist feature.. thanks..