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  1. Here is what I have found out. I reamed the inside of the cats out. that fixed the red hot exhaust pipe issue but did not solve the loss of power. Took it to the shop and they diagnosed that it was the ECM. the car was running too rich. My question is: Is it as simple as buying a used or reman. ECM and unplugging the old and replacing with the new? Is there any programming needed for it to work. The shop quoted me $750 parts and labor. I have found them anywhere from $200 - $400. Thanks for all the help --- I love this car!!!
  2. That is what I was guessing. It was weird that both of them just went out at the same time?????? Is this a tough job to replace them? Where is the best place to get them? Thanks for the reply!
  3. Help. I have a 92 SC400 that all of a sudden lost power. RPMs drop and does not accelerate. Engine sounds fine. Smell an unusual smell. Looked under car and the exhaust pipes right below the catalytics are red hot!!! Oh -- car temperature is not running hot - no white smoke. Just changed oil and it is fine as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Jim