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  1. I can attest to: 3) Power steering leaking under tank or main hose, will cause alternator to go out 4) Cracks on the radiator overflow tank 5) Cabin vents crack from temperature change, hot and cold 6) Blacked out LCD on your climate control, can change for aftermarket one on Ebay for 125 7) Needles and back lighting goes out. Contact or for a DIY 9) Craks on upper door panel where you arm normally rest while driving Plus heard head lights fog up but mine are fine.
  2. Great site guys!!! My 2 hour spark plug install turned into a 6 hour engine clean up with toothbrush and lots of rags. She looks/runs great!!!! One question ... both spark plug tubes closest to firewall had fine white residue. Plugs were fine. Where did this come from?