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  1. The white puffs of smoke when starting the engine in the morning mentioned in many of these posts was indeed caused by the Air Control Valve. I credit the members with solving my problem by patiently answering the questions posed again and again. Because of your answers, my frustration level with the local mechanics subsided. Not many mechanics in our area know about this problem and how to fix it. They wanted to pull the heads and put in new valve stem oil seals, or replace the power steering pump. I followed the Forum Members information and replaced the ACV with a Toyota part. Kragens and Auto Zone computers did not have the parts cross reference found in this Forum, Toyota Part Number 17630 - 16040. Out the door price of the part was $117.00. It was in stock, I installed in in less than 45 minutes following instructions learned from the members. Thanks to all! from a grateful Noobie member