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  1. once the fuel pump is hard wired i hear the sound for it pressure is good! injectors look fine im back to ignition or something else i believe fuel is a check
  2. Well if timing was good you should have gotten some reaction to the ether down the intake manifold test. Maybe hardwire the fuel pump to 12VDC for a quick test (feed it from a fused branch circuit so you don't feed 80 Amps to a potentially shorted out fuel pump, can you say Kaboom). Be sure to get polarity correct as its a DC motor and don't backfeed the 12 VDC to the control relay (ie disconnect the connector). See if you can get the engine running knowing the fuel pump is pumping. If as you say if it has spark and the timng is in tact then with fuel it should run. exactly.... but when i do exactly that still nothing lol im about ready to light it on fire lol just kidding just kidding
  3. i do have spark on both sides im thinking its timing but havent got to it yet. one thing that still boggles my mind is why there isnt power to the fuel pump it seems like the car shut it off..
  4. ...."after it skipped two teeth"... do you mean the timing belt is damaged and the timing of crankshaft to cams is off by two belt notches? if so that must be fixed... no its on time now it was fixed after it skipped... the timing belt looks fine as far as i can tell
  5. Not sure whether this may help, but have you checked your fuse block inside the car? Under the dash by the pedals, there is a fuse block. In my '92 there is a plastic cover, and yours may be similar. HTH mike yeahp and the fuses are all good!
  6. i just bought the car it doesn't run... the way he described it dying on him was a rough idle.. if he pushed a the gas the miss would get worse then would have to keep on the gas to keep it started. Then it finally died. i have found that there is spark, timing "should" be on, but there is no power at the pump the wires seem good all the way back to the front of the vehicle then they disappear behind the ecu. no power at the fuel pump relay either.... im stuck is there a security issue or vacuum issue? Half tempted to take it to THE MAN and pay for it but trying to avoid the bill. any ideas would be helpful Thanks!!! btw i can use a jumper to turn the fuel pump on but still doesn't start even using ether still no kick
  7. ok so i tried the ether today couldn't get my hands on a gauge right away. there is spark but with the ether no kick at all. i talked to the previous owner i guess the timing is on after it skipped two teeth. really wondering why there was no kick even with spark and ether?
  8. Thank you i will get on the pressure test and go from you know what the pressure gauge should read? the power issue for the fuel pump still gets me there is power coming out of the fuse box but somewhere between there and the FP its lost the power is there and other fuses or solenoids along there?
  9. I just bought a 91 LS400. the thing ran for a little bit then started to have a rough idle then died about 24 hours later. there is no power to the fuel pump and fuses are good i used a jumper to test the pump and the pump works but there is no power at the wires... but even with the pump on using a jumper the car still wont start it cranks and has spark... I'm thinking the IGNITION MODULE? just wanted some input though before i drop the three hundred for the module Thanks Guys!