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  1. I need a PDF format driver's manual, does anyone have it or where can I find it?
  2. I am looking for some wheels to add a nice touch to the car. The car has silver paint. I am on a budget of somewhere around $2,000 dollars or so in addition to the tires, at least for this year. Any suggestions are welcome here. Thanks!
  3. I was thinking about getting hid for headlights. But are the blue or purple colors good to drive with?
  4. I want to get a third spare key for my sister in case she needs to drive it. I want to know how much usually the spare key cost and how long does it take to order one from the dealership.
  5. I am thinking about changing my fog lights to either 3000K HID Conversion kit or just some 20 bucks Super Yellow Halogen bulbs. I have seen them side by side before and somehow I think those super yellow halogen bulbs appear much yellower than the 3000K HID Conversion Kit, so is the HID kit really worth the investment?
  6. Some websites recommend a pair of load resistors for LED turn signal lights. Will it work or burn out faster if I don't get load resistors?
  7. I am thinking about having all my car interior map lights, dome lights, step courtesy lights changed to White LEDs. I have checked the Osram Guide but still a little bit confused about the bulb sizes I need. Can someone who has did this help me out, thanks a bunch!
  8. I was just wondering if the roof can be customized with like a vinyl cover. Like a silver body and black roof?
  9. Hey I'm new to intakes, what kinds of intakes are there? Forced induction , CAI .... what do they mean?
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