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  1. Please let me know if the TPMS feature can be completely disabled. It really is a pain in the butt at times. Will let you know what the dealer says...already spoke to Lexus Canada & they admitted it was a design oversight. Yes, that is definitely a design oversight or flaw depending on which angle you choose to look at it. A few notes here: 1) The tire pressure system - Why would anybody disable a perfectly good system that will warn you when you are losing 25% of the tire pressure and will save you money and maybe even prevent an accident? I am visually checking my tires each time I get in the car and I still think this is a good system to have. So in the winter I will have a warning light on the dash - unless you are ready to spend like 500$ to get the sensors, and probably another 90$ every tire change to have the system set for the new wheels - I will not do it! 2) The winter tires - The 2010 RX350 can take 17"x61/2 Toyota steel rims. I had my dealer check it for me before I bought the car. The rims tested are Toyota (I believe from the RAV4) and the part number is 426110R020. I already bought them from Toyota for 90$ CDN each. My RX has 235/55R19 OEM tires and I will use 235/65R17 for the winter. Not only it is recommended for winter to have more rubber and less rim for better traction, but the price for the 17" tire will be probably 40% less. I did all this research for myself but I welcome everybody reading this to benefit from it (too late for Francisco - sorry I didn't read this earlier - I could have saved you some $$).
  2. I wrote Lexus Canada and the aswer was: the car equiped with a WS type transmission fluid that doesn't need to be changed, but the dealer has ways of checking the fluid level during maintenence work.
  3. I have 2010 RX350 and I noticed that tere is no transmission oil level stick to be found in the engine compartment. I asked the "tech. advisor" at the dealership and he told me the transmission is sealed and there is no need for oil to be added for the life of the car... I find that to be not a very logical answer. Does anybody here know if there is a more logical answer to this question? Thanks for your help.
  4. Check the a/c fuse in the fusebox. Pull it out and see if the wire is broke. I would take it to the dealer anyway. There are 2 possible reasons for this ( besides the AC being defective): 1) The AC remembers the last status before power-off in relation to the key used.If you get in the car with a key that was not used before, then the AC will have no reference and will start at a random state that may be warm air. 2) In a very rainy day (high umidity) you may have the AC ligh blinking and this shows the AC is protecting itself and it didn't start. Just push the AC butthon off and on and it will work again. Hope this helps...
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