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  1. Sold my LS400 1997 (older 1997) for 2 years ago and this is the second last part I have left. (I think I have the CVT boots still, new but aftermarket) Bought of eBay for 130€ + shipping and VAT in 2013, I fixed needles with silver paint and a black marker. It was sold to me as pre-owned, but needles were not in good shape. Tested to work and also got my old gauge cluster working. So I never needed this one. I read somewhere it should be possible to change this one to km instead of mile. Probably also possible to take most spares from this one and use in a km cluster. I think one lamp was blown as the holder for it is in a minigrip bag taped to the cluster. But now this is 5-6years ago so I sell this as is, I have no means of testing anymore. I gave always stored this gauge cluster in my garage that is heated to +16deg.C, so it has not been out in the cold or moist :) Will let it go cheap. I will try to arrange shipping of reasonable cost anywhere. EU is easy, around 20€, overseas is more expensive, but I will try to get business pricing from Finnish post by some means :) Location: Earth, EU, Finland, Vaasa Asking for 70€ or any offer.