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  1. Started turning it clockwise and it gave in very easily. I got the bolt off about 1/2 inch but the belt is still tight. Does the bolt have to be removed completely? Is there any info on how this tensioner works? Thanks a lot again!
  2. I don't know what's in the way, the alternator now feels cemented in. I guess the belt might be tight enough to keep the alternator in place. Are you saying that the tensioner bolt needs to be removed by turning it clockwise?
  3. I know that this thread is 2+ years old but I am stuck. Thanks for the useful info! I have gotten to the alternator and remove the bolts, could not get the tensioner to move even a tiny little amount. I pushed the alternator forward a little bit and now cannot get it out, it does not move even with a little bit of hammering :( Please help. What do I do?
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to do just what the topic title says. I know that there was a few threads that discussed adding the oem nav with all possible features but those threads are locked now. I know dcfish was mentioning that he could send information on this but I was not able to send a message to him because I didn't have the permission to do so. Please provide all information you can, thanks!