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  1. It's the Front Differential. He said the engine needs to be lifted to fix it :( why it's so much. The belt is kind of an event as well but not nearly as much as the Re-seal issue. I am going to the toyota dealer near me and get a quote. Then I can go to the dealers that sold me the car and have two references of material.
  2. I got the car sunday, my intuition while still on this 50-50 30 day warranty was right. I got a 40? point inspection from my local Lexus dealer. The y found a leak in the Front Differential and it needs to be re-sealed. Big $1,800 job they say if I do it at the dealer. Plus it's 95K and past the 90K timing belt change. Ouch I think another huge job. If anyone has any suggestions on to how best talk to the used car dealer I bought the car from? I do have the drive tran engine 30 day warranty. I pay 50% of the cost. Fine, better than 100%. If there are any other issues like ways they will try to get out of fixing it, you think I will have PLEASE let me know. I would very much appreciate it. James
  3. Happy to be here

  4. Yup. I wanna know all the goodies that I can get for this car to make it my own. Love it the way it is but I know I will be itching to do some mods. - Exhaust? - Lip Kit? - Nice Wheels (subtle look)? - Brighter whiter interior lights? - Engine mods?? Not sure if it's worth it though. - Extra drivers side rear view mirror? JDM... - VIP Style stuff if anyone knows. Thanks so much for reading this and hello!! I know some of you are not into this type of thing but it's worth a try to ask. PS: I am looking into the sections that deal with wheels, lighting and such But still felt it would not hurt and maybe save me a few hrs of looking around to ask here.
  5. Yes there is a kit from AirRunner. It's abt. 4K :( But the best imported kit you can find. I have had it on my xA for about a year now.
  6. I came home with an RX 330 today. Coming from a heavily modded VIP Style xA. Loving the JDM scene as well. I am sure some will not know what I mean but that's all good. I love the Japanese import. Especially the Toyota brand for many reasons I will not get too into now. So just saying high. So now I can go looking for ways to tweak and mod the car and make it my own. James