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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with my stereo issues. I just bought a JVC KD-S37 stereo system and I found the wire layout for my 93 gs300 so I was able to connect the wires to the system but it is only powering up but no sound will come out at all through my door speakers. I hope that someone can let me know how to get the sound from my stock door speakers to work. Also, Im wondering if anyone else has a suggestion on a good aftermarket deck because i can still return my JVC. Im looking to spend around 100$. Id like one that is easy to set up and would appreciate any help/suggestions. If you have an idea of what might be wrong or want to suggest a different sound system that is less of a hassle to set up i would greatly appreciate a response or an email. Thank you, and I appreciate any of your help.
  2. I was also wondering if anyone had a link to a site that would sell a trunk lid similar to mine. I need to get an estimation for that also. Its kinda hard to see from the pictures but if you look closely you can see the tip of the lid.
  3. Thank you. It does look very similar to the side panels to mine. I was wondering if that is the price for the whole set? or just 1 side panel or both side panels?
  4. I was recently in an accident where my neighbor hit my spoiler(like an idiot) and in order for the insurance company to cover the cost of after market parts I will need to provide proof of how much it would have cost to buy. I cannot find one that is exactly like mine so I am wondering if anyone will recognize its model and know more info on price of it and whatever info you may give. If you need more images just reply here and i will uplaod them asap. thank you
  5. Hi, I have a 93 lexus gs 300 and I was wondering if anyone could help me fix my cars issue. I have the stock sound system and yes my car DID have the phone in but it was taken out from the previous owner. The radio works fine but my issue is that the volume of the music is very low. Even on its highest setting it barely makes any noise and I can only hear it when I am in idle. I just bought an aftermarket deck and was installing by splitting the wires open and connecting my aftermarket wires to the car's. I was only able to find the connection to the power but not the antenna nor the speakers. Can anyone tell me which color those are or any information that could help me fix this issue.