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  1. With the top up (so the trunk is clear) raise the trunk lid. You should see the navigation device about half way back on the right side of the trunk. Remove the plastic cover by gently prying it off from the top. This will reveal the dvd player. On the left side of the slot you'll see a small sliding cover over the eject button. Slide it to the right and press the button to eject the dvd. You just slide the new dvd into the slot and it will self-load. Be sure to slide the cover back to the left or the disk won't read. Replace the plastic cover after the disk loads. You have to have the igniti
  2. Hi all, I'm a recent sc430 purchaser (2 weeks) and I am new to this club. This may sound stupid, but how do you eject the gps disc from the trunk navigation unit. I checked to see which version I have, (ver 2.1), but I can't seem to remove the disc, unless there is no disc in the unit. I set the switch to open, but nothing came out. My sc is a 2003 and generation 2/3. I'm assuming the disc is not in the unit, if it doesn't eject when the open switch is selected. Can anyone help me with this.
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