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  1. Thanks for the info. Does anyone have step-by-step instructions for replace and removal of the alternator and PS Pump. I forsee that once I get the alternator off that I will have tackle the PS pump to find out where the leak is coming from.
  2. I have a 1998 GS400. I have determined that the alternator is bad. I jacked up my car and removed the bottom alternator bolt and the top nut. When I try to slide the alternator off, it is clearly hitting the power steering pump pulley. Is this normal or do I have to take the pulley off or did I miss a step? I still have the top wire (terminal B) and rear plug connected as it is in an awkward position and it does not seem to be stopping me from pulling the alternator. Has anyone ever removed the alternator without removing the power steering pump pulley? The whole reason I have to replace the alternator because of a leak from the power steering pump.