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  1. I am close to buying a CPO 2007 GS350. It is an AWD with 28,000 miles - good Carfax, looks to be well taken care of. Right now I am at $33,500 with the dealer and he is putting on a new set of run flats. Is this a decent deal or not? Also two other questions - 1 - The NAV issue - what can't you do while you are driving. I test drove the car and the NAV appeared to work fine when the car was in motion, I was able to zoom in and out and move around the map. Does it just prevent you from entering a destination while driving? 2 - I just want an AUX jack added for Ipod connectivity, can the dealer easily do that (what would be the cost) and how does it affect the interior styling. I don't want something obnoxious. Just a simple AUX jack in the center console would be fine. I don't mind controlling it directly from the ipod. Any help on these topics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.