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  1. Hi, selling my 92 SC400 w/ 330k. it is a project car. just got the car repaired for E-test. and i have all the paper work this repair. ONE OWNER since 92! pictures avail. upon request. located in Toronto/Richmond Hill area. Ontario Canada.
  2. hey, i've checked on ebay and they had some there as well. ebay would be the easiest place to get'em i believe. you don't like the lexus emblems? I.M.O lexus emblem is better i think
  3. hi, trying to get my car safety tested in Ontario, Canada. All i know is that driver side ball joint has play. I just got some pricings from Lexus dealership as i could not find any aftermarket LCA's. $1078 + 13% TAX!!!!!!!!!!!! for LCA? W.T.F. okay, so i told myself, lets clam down, other ppl own sc400's as well, they must have a solution. Ive searched through the forum, and found out that supra LCA are compatible with the SC400's. I even dug up toyota part number for LCA's. But what im wondering is, what year supra LCA's were compatible with the 92 SC400? so that i could call toyota and give'em the part number that i have, and ask what year supra that is from. if it matches - got myself a LCA for $400. Prices tend to be higher than in the States :( okay, hate me all you want for not searching enough...but i spent 2 nights after work... having literally 20 windows open going through each one of them... thanks in advance.. please help me join this SC family.
  4. i already checked out that link hm...still confusing.. sorry im a real real dummy when it comes to cars in general..
  5. Hi, I've looked up a couple of threads but couldn't get a clear answer.. (despite my lacking knowledge on rims). i was wondering if those Rays 19inch G35 coupe stock rims would fit my lexus sc400 with no modifications (not only fenders but spacers as well.) also if those 18 inch G35 stock rims would fit as well. mine is just a stock sc400 looking for a decent set of rims. thank you!
  6. if its just the burnt light bulb, i dont think it would require the whole headlight assy.
  7. thanks !! i completely had no idea on swapping the tranny to manual from auto. but i decided, to get this car on the road ASAP im going to fix the necessary things. once i get it running on the road, should be enought fun with V8 auto ;)
  8. hello, im a newbie to this lexus forum. just bought a lexus sc400 and its a project car. wont pass emissions in this condition. i was doing research and someone mentioned whether if i have any p/s fluid left. i had none. and told me it could be the p/s vacuum seal valve? VSV. could be leaking into the engine. could this be possible? i get firm white smoke out of the exhuast due to this i believe? any ideas would be helpful thank you!
  9. hi, just started a project. sc400 with 330k on it. the engine runs strong but im guessing oil leak? intense smoke from the car. thinking of swapping a used motor in. you think thats more money saving than having to rebuild? or fix? while im doing that, im also thinking of converting current automatic to manual. which manual tranny would fit with minimum customization? thanks all and i hope to see some great infos!
  10. hi, bought a SC400 with body in good shape, interior with tears and wear, engine with apprx. 330K km's on it. engine starts smooth and everything works. however in order to register this car in ontario, i need safety and e-test (emissions) done. when i start up the vehicle, grey smoke comes out a lot. however once the engine is warmed up, the smoke is barely visible. probably the gaskets?? or perhaps new cat? i don't know. thinking of trying one of those bottles at canadian tire which is supposed to help on the emissions test. also new battery, air filter. nothing expensive for now. do you think it will pass? i mean..i know noone can tell me exactly by reading my post :P but i just want this car rolling on the roads ASAP! anything would be helpful! thank you!
  11. I'm buying a SC400 next week actually. i liked SC's in general but i was more convinced to get a SC300 with manual tranny. but i realized that its literally impossible to find one. and we got a SC400 as a trade in at the place where i work, i test drove it. its just a beauty. it wont pass safety and emissions as of now. however im so pleased with the car that im willing to restore/mod the vehicle. you must feel the V8. may be its my first time driving a V8 but, its just incredible.