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  1. Hello: I just used Mequiars to polish the outside of the headlight covers and they look great! However, I noticed the two light lenses (circles) are a matt finish on the drivers side while the passenger side appears a clear gloss. Can I take the headlight assembly apart and polish the headlight lens too? Passenger side is much brighter at night compared to drivers side. Thank you!
  2. Greetings Lexi, Have a '95 Lexus ES300. The A/C starts out well good and cold, air blowing. After about thirty minutes, the temperature goes warm and stays warm. Shut the car off a few of hours, A/C blow good and cold then about thirty minutes later goes warm again. Any suggestions keeping it cold. I think the compressor, freon, etc is okay. Otherwise it would never get cold. Is there a switch or something? Thank you, it's going to be a hot one this year!
  3. awaken, Changing out the radiator out really wasn't that bad. You might want to find a diagram of the removal and installation. I would recommend new hoses and clamps as they are most likely hard and brittle from all the heat off the engine. Also, be prepared to have a catch can for the hydraulic fluid. I did find small amount of grass and bugs stuck to the condenser in front and used a good stiff brush to clear it off. Taking my time, being interrupted by family and friends, I'd say it was about three hours. Mind you this was my first time working on this type of car! Good Luck!
  4. Thanks Folks! These are good suggestions! BTW I just replaced the radiator today. Tedious, but okay. I was surprised to find that it was made of plastic and guess where the leak was!
  5. Hello: The GF (Girl Friend) has a '95 ES300 with a leaky power steering plastic reservoir. Does anyone know where I can get a solid replacement? Pick a part's inventory is all rotted out. thanks! Signed, Leaky ES in Texas
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