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  1. My last post to this string, which I started a couple of weeks ago: I begun this in an attempt to understand where I stand with my concerns vis a vis other owners': this is a major recall campaign and, moreover, the transmission lag is hard to ignore. I learned that, although my experience and concerns are not unique, not everyone freaqued out as I did, expecting the 2004 LS430 will turn into another Audi-like late 80's story. By now I had the two 'recalls' taken care off and I talked to several people at Lexus: US, district and local. For what it's worth, while I'm satisfied with the 'attention' I recieved and the overall professional and solicitous treatment, I still remain concerned with the long term reliability of my car. However, I learned that Lexus will, most likely, 'stand by us, the 'LS430 Class of 2004'. As for the throttle/transmission 'lag', let's hope that continuous posting here and on similar sites will get their attention and that they will address the problem and, hopefully, fix it. Once more, regards to all who bother to read this, Adrian
  2. Re: LS430 'transmission lag' or 'elctronic throttle': When I switch to 'power' setting, the 'lag' seems to be less obvious. You think this is true, or it's only me trying to feel good I have a fix for the problem. Adrian
  3. I'm the originjal poster on this string and to me the question still remains: Will Lexus formally acknowledge the lag 'issue' (=problem), as I'm concerned that it is a safety issue! Will they than provide/propose a (final or temporary) 'fix'? Adrian
  4. I originated this string re. the LS430 recall a few days ago. I took my car in yesterday. Should be done today. 1. I called Lexus Cust. service: they said the replecemnts may be refurbished items, but at my dealer service they said both the transmisson and the fuel pump will be replaced with new ones. 2. The service manager acknowledeged that the 'pedal-to-move' lag may be caused by the electronic throttle (so they are well aware of this problem!), but he's not aware of any fix and there are no service buletins on this! 3. One more thing: I had my smart key replaced twice (second time this week) because the release latch fell out: anyone else here had this (minor) problem? Adrian
  5. Following up with my concerns regarding the 2004 LS430 recall and the replies I received: I dont' believe there were as major parts replaced in other models or model years before.....and, pleasse remember, I had my fuel pump already replaced once! As far as the 'transmisson lag' I mentioned: it occcurs when I drive at about 10mph, like in heavy traffic or at a turn, and when I try to accelerate the car 'hesitates' for a while. Sometimes it takes like 0.5s to nearly 1s. I concider this behvior dangerous. Before posting here, I checked on ' lexus' and larned that several people described the same problem and some approached Lexus, but there was no 'fix'. I can only report what happens to me and what other people wrote, but I belive the problem is not only mine! For what it's worth, I feell better after reading some of the anwers I got here, and I hope all the people who answering so nicley are 'unintereste parties'...;-) Regards to all, Adrian
  6. I'ts not the 'recall' that makes me uneasy, but the magnitude of it's scope, plus the previous and still present diffciulties related to my 2004 LS430. Replacing the transmission (once) and the fuel pump (twice!), are not minor items. Plus the transmisson lag that does not seem to be addressed in the recall notice. One reason for me to post here is to learn where does mine fit relative to ohters. I is comforting to learn that people are pleased with their service and their cars, but this does not stop me from being concerned with what will happen next to the 2004 cars, as this recall seems to be way out of the 'historical norm' for Lexus. I may be wrong, I may be the only one so concerned, but this is why I'm addresing other owners.... Regards, Adrian
  7. 1. I just received my recall notice for transmission & fuel pump. It's a major hassle for me, plus makes me lose confidence in the reliability of my car: the main reason I bought it for!. 2. When driving at about 10mph, often the car (transmission?) hesitates for a while. I read (on '') that this is a common complaint from owners. If other owners are aware of this behavior, do you know if it can it be 'fixed'? Of course, I would like to learn that this is not a safety concern as I keep driving the car! 3. Reading postings here regarding the 2004 recall, it seems that there is some confusion weather Lexus will give people some $200 'for their trouble'? Any clear answer? 4. No car is perfect and, for what it's worth, I do love may car, the way it drives and the way it feels, etc., but now I'm concerned of more problems to come. I wonder if this will not become a trend for this model year? Do other owners share my concerns? Do you think it is likely that Lexus will extend the warranty? 5. One more thing: I expect that someone Lexus will eleborate on the logo 'Passionate Pursuit of Perfection' in the context of my above comments. All readers, please have my regards, Adrian
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