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  1. VB---I remember my daddy always reminded me to step heavy on that pedal...and burn out that carbon!!
  2. Jon- Just to let you timing belt is only a year old..I doubt that is my problem. A friend of mine told me to take the car for a long drive, at 60mph at least and that might get some of the carbon out...that is what he thought it might I did...and it has improved. Sooooo, I think my problem was that I have not been driving for long enuf periods of time...and fast enuf...lots of around the town, I think I just got a couple bad tanks of gas...It is still pinging a bit...but is much better. These cars love to be driven at high speeds for long trips...
  3. "Check Engine Light" Indicates ECU has detected and error condition and is holding an error code in the log. thanks curious! so far so good...I have noticed less engine I am hoping it is just a bad gas issue. thank you so much...I am just learning mechanics...and your help is very much appreciated.
  4. Thaks curious What is CEL?...
  5. I am not saying that is is simply a gas issue. I am trying to get some new clues. If you used a higher octane gas and if it did help, it might assist in determining the actual problem. Since you say the pinging is a relatively new issue within the last 3 weeks, perhaps it is a knock sensor as curiousB mentioned. Or maybe you just got a tank of "bad" gas. Not likely but could be that simple if you've lived a clean life. Run your current tank to empty and find a top-tier gas station (Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, Mobil, etc) and fill up with PREMIUM and see if the pinging persists. Thanks
  6. Hi landar- I have never seen 93/94 octane! Highest here is is a 1990. do you think it is just a gas issue?..that would actually make me feel better!!...I thot it might be something more serious! Thanks
  7. Any ideas on this one?? As my engine heats up...I notice a distinct 'pinging' sound on acceleration, or going up a hill. Use supreme gas *91...clean 5/30 oil, neither are low. This has just started in the past 3 weeks...165K...almost new!
  8. thanks Steve...I'll replace the res cap...altho it is rather new.
  9. ??? Coolant is circulated by a coolant pump (often incorrectly called water pump). If engine isn't overheating then it doesn't seem like you have a problem. If car is overheating there could be an air lock impeding proper coolant circulation. I don't know of any vacuum pump onboard but vacuum exist when an engine is running on intake manifold and this is often used to power certain devices like cruise control actuator, HVAC vent doors. Not clear from your post what your problem is if any. Hi curious..thanks car isn't overheating..coolant just isn't rising up and down in i
  10. How can you tell if your vaccuum pump isn't working? Do I have a vaccuum pump...or is it just a water pump? My coolant level is right at the top of my reservior, and isn't going down when it is cool. Is this a pump problem?
  11. :) WOW! white leather seats...pluuussshhhh!
  12. thanks guys....i think i will just keep an eye on it for now...i don't seem to be losing any according to my dipstick! seems to be subsiding a bit.
  13. What a Beauty! There is nothing like the LS...Luxury at its finest!
  14. The lower steel pan is easy to remove/replace, just unbolt it (after draining), clean the sealing area, apply a new gasket, and attach the new pan. Nothing else needs to be removed. hello- RDM yes, it probably is easy to do, but i really would rather not..but i might have to. I got a 156.00 price on the internet..OEM..+gasket $ put it on probably about an hour?
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