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  1. Let me know what you guys think got the car a couple weeks ago mods i have already done include: 18 x 8.5" wheels 225/40 tires 2.5" exhaust from the cat back APEXi N1 Single Exit Muffler K-Sport Coilovers Mods to come in the next couple of weeks include: BFI Wheels Spacers and rolling the fenders Welded Diff and hopefull a few more performance upgrades Bought the car for my Daily Driver / Daily Slider PICS: When i first got her home Here is a before and after when i installed the coilovers Here is my single exit exhaust. I love the sound and I have always thought it looked better on the right opposite of the driver Just seems more logical to me and better for weight distribution. I thought what i did was pretty creative as far as getting rid of the other cut out. Haven't ever seen it before but it worked really well. It won't last forever but was free and easily replaced. and Probably works best on Black cars Its kinda dirty but you get the idea Car is Peg Legging bad for now. like i said will be welding the diff soon
  2. I would try yhe things stated above. and from what I understand I don't think this is related to the recall on newer toyotas if that is waht you are refering to the problem with the vehicals in the recal would be totally different because they all are drive by wire so the problem there is either electrical or the mechanical throttle body sticking or hanging up.