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  1. I have been known to only keep cars for a couple of years but this time I plan on getting a vehicle I can drive for a while so it is important I like it a lot. Thanks for the replies, I'll probably start test driving some soon. Probably leaning towards the es350 now, but I have also been considering an Acura TL for a sportier ride. I'll update when I make a decision...
  2. This may be my first post here but I have been reading threads here for years and I want to thank all that provide such useful information for all of us. My question is which Lexus should I choose!?! I currently have a 1996 ES300 which I have used as a secondary car the last year and a half (I drive about 25K per year). This ES has 250K on it but it still feels very strong and I really enjoy driving it and am sold on Lexus so I got rid I my primary and decided to get a newer Lexus as a primary/only. My gut tells me to save money and go with a 2000/2001 ES300 with ~130K for about $5500. Bu
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