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  1. Sorry for not mention it earlier. It went on and then off. Then they check it code P2121.
  2. Finally, I go to the dealer today and they found out what the problem was. It was P2121- Throttle PDL- Position Sensor; it needs accelerator pedal sensor and reprogramming. Te quote for the part alone is $700, the labor might be an hour, which is about $129. I try to look online to find a cheaper part, however was not successful. Anybody know where I can find it for cheaper?
  3. Hello All, I got a 2004 Es330 with only a valet key and a key card with the key and key code. I assume that the key card is the master and also be able to program additional master key. I got a new master key cut from the key code at SPARE CAR KEY. It work perfectly: open the doors, lock and unlock the glove compartment. The only problems is the it will not start the engine nor unlock and lock wireless. I've try the gas (5 times) and brake (6 times) trick. but was not successful. Please help??????????? Please don't send me to the dealer. Thanks you
  4. I just finish changing the spark plugs, the problem still exist to a minimal. The inside three spark plug take forever, especially the middle one. It snow here in Houston, TX for only one day. I don't think that could be the problem.
  5. I will try to change the rear spark plugs and see what happened. It was fine until the snow happened, something must be frozen or something. I don't know, I will keep update later.
  6. Hello to All, I recently bought a 2004 ES330 with 142k on it. It was running great for about a month or so. Recently, the accelerator seem to be hesitating for a second or two, especially at low speed? What could be the problem? From my experience. I thought it was the spark plugs. But I can only change the outside three. The inside is a lot more difficult. Please help with advice on changing the inside plugs or identify the problem. Pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you in advance....
  7. Hello to all, I recently bought a 2004 ES330 from a previous owner. All the owner have given me after the purchase was a template key and the valet. He doesn't have a master keys nor any remotes. It is very inconvenience to open and close the door with a valet key. When it rain, I can't open the trunk to put my equipments into it. Does anybody know where I can get a master key made or do it myself? I've search all over the website, but most of the information is out of date. I don't want to go to the dealership which will charge me an arm and legs. Thanks you everybody in advance. :(