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  1. 570, model 2009, imported from Canada to Europe. HDD navi system with american maps, not the best for driving in europe. First attemp to explore the HDD was a failure, it's password locked. I had the alternative to use a logic analyzer OR bypass the lock by other means. Now, lock is bypassed. HDD was read and a backup made. Blending DVD maps into the system failed to produce results. System booted but refused any navi function, said "can not read map data please consult your dealer". It was reverted to original state from backup. Operational, albeit still in american mode. No hidden files, all fat32 partitions, no easter eggs or other "niceties". I have the complete listing of all files in both 4 partitions, roughly they look like this: -A gracenote dedicated partition, aka. cd titles and more database. -Another one for eventual music and other DVD jukebox recordings -Sort of diag's partition with it's own LOADING.kwi, contains something that looks like a key-crypto data file. -The NAVI's partition with maps and all, of a quite unusual structure, in any case not comparable to the structure of my 2004 RAV4 dvd. If interest, I can post the complete listing (308 items, roughly 20k of text). Backup is 8GB+, no means to electronically mail it with ease. DVD's can do by normal mail. Aim is to substitute original american maps with european ones.. Lexus dealerships are of no help. They simply don't care of cars other than the ones they sell. A typicall toyota problem. Furthermore, at the time of writing this, HDD systems are not officially introduced in Europe. Any hands rise for teamship & collaboration ? Ok, I know better I'd be hacking an airbus, but, never the less I give it a try. LB
  2. This is my first post around, I hope to get it all well. 570 with HDD navi system, imported Canada->Europe, american map database. I HAVE BYPASSED THE HARD DISK LOCK by uncomplicated means. Also ran a backup of the original configuration, all the 4 partitions, on my laptop. Further, I attempted to substitute the american maps with the ones from my RAV-4 dvd based system, no go. Returned the disk to original conditions, no damage, it's all reversible. Attempted to further blend files between different versions of maps I could collect. No go. Back to restoring from the backup, no damage. Read the user manual of that official "nav update tool". I believe we could bypass many steps by directly accessing the hard disk. Which I can. And almost everyone with a laptop could. If this post goes well (remember, my first one ;) , then I'll attempt to post a detailed listing of all files from all the 4 partitions. To further continue my work and provide un with simple solution to problems of exported cars, I'll need similar contents from another region, be it Russian Federation, Europe or GCC. My aim is to blend and provide easy NAV remapping for exported cars, something that LExus will not privide at all, at least in Switzerland. Take care, thanks for reading, LB