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  1. Thanks and thank you for your service as well. I decided against the '12 AWD but will be watching for a deal on a newer RXh and in the meantime maintain my '08. Based on your experience, there shouldn't be a rush to replace plugs. Cheers
  2. Oh yes I remember those days all too well, Plugs, Points, & Condenser @ 10k or less. How about the Hybrid system in your '08, any problems as you approach 1/4 million miles? PS, 1965 a good year as I finished an 8 year stint in Uncle Sam's Air Force.
  3. 237k on plugs is mind boggling to me. I guess that I won't rush to change my plugs but when/if I do i will change coils too as preventive maintenance since they aren't costly and hard to access (same as plugs). I'm eyeing a '13 FWD for $18k+ 81k miles but hate parting with the cash.. A lot can be said for having a "Paid in full" car like my '08 LOL Cheers
  4. My main concern is the mileage & still running on the original spark plugs. A lower mileage vehicle with some upgrades like smart key etc. are appealing. your comments are giving me second thoughts though.... 🤔
  5. Thanks for the reply which pretty much confirmed my suspicions. Yes, we only need one vehicle so the ‘08 will be sold. 138k (just broke in)
  6. I'm kicking tires for a newer RX and spotted an RX450h AWD and would like to know if AWD models have been as reliable as standard FWD models? Is gas mileage affected severely or any horror stories to share? My driving is all done in Florida so snow isn't an issue but lots of rain in summer months.
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