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    Just starting

    The GS 3 months of owning it
  2. From the album: Just starting

    replaced the front bumper after a hit and run
  3. Hello all Im new to this website and just wanted any pointers on my 98 GS400. I bought the car from my father, it has around 165k on it but its in great condition and runs beautifully. Im not a car guru but ever since Ive owned this car Ive been nothing but curious on ways to make it better. All Ive done so far is exterior stuff. Rims, headlights, soundsystem, headlights, tint etc.... the only problems this car has ever given me was the balljoints which i replaced and the battery. So for all the experienced 2nd gen GS owners out there, I would like to put an extra 2 grand into it somewhe
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