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Infotainment System Fuse

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Our 2015 nx200 infotainment will not turn on - though the backup camera will display. No response from any buttons. The display in front of the steering wheel shows no radio nor GPS info either. The owners manual doesn't show a list of fuses and I didn't see any abbreviations on the 3 fuse panels that indicated it was for that system.


Any one know which one it is?




Dash Fuse Box.jpg

Under hood fuse box 1.jpg

Under hood fuse box 2.jpg

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Not exactly. We were on the way to take the car to the shop and it literally started working as we pulled in.  It didn't fail for them and they didn't see anything obvious. It did it once again for a few minutes and then powered up which previously it never came on. 

The only thing I can think of is the battery was weak as it had been parked for weeks and I did notice it turning over slowly until we drove it more frequently. That is an off the wall guess but it's all I have. Maybe those amps ARe drawing a lot of juice. 

Good luck. If you find a solution, please post it. 


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Thanks for the prompt response. I actually parked the car too long and found the battery was dead. I just changed the battery and hope to get everything back after drving the car for a while. Thanks again and will definitely post my update.

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